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Introduction 1. Primary resources More about P. sources  2. The grammar aquarium 3. Skillswise 4. Many things 5. grammar games  6. Grammar park 7. Road to grammar 8. The children's University 9. Bitesize 10. Ego 4 U Contact 

2. The grammar aquarium

This website invites you to search for all the grammar that you want, on this website you can read about grammar, do online exercises or print out handoutsas you please. The author of the varied material that you can find here, is called Rob Wilson. Unfortunately, the creator of this online source does not provide significantinformation about his professional expertise.

The grammar aquarium

This electronic site provides activities for beginner, intermediate and advanced English learners. Click on the image to go the grammar aquarium website.

Online Practice Exercise

The snapshot below displays a sample of one of the various exercises that wee can find on the Grammar aquarium website, this exercise focus on the use fo simple past and past perfect tenses. Click on the image to access the quiz.

Some of the grammar topics that this site provides explanation and exercise about are: modal verbs, prepositions, questions, tenses etc.

table of contents 

table of contents

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